It was 1954 when the brothers Vincenzo and Ezio Giacoletti started their own modest-sized business in Pella, specializing in casting and manufacturing shut-off valves and pipe products.


The beginners had, from the very beginning, such a positive response on the local market that they requested a larger location suited to their constantly increasing production needs.

We are in the seventies, technological development makes great steps in every direction and Giacoletti F.lli specializes and orients itself towards the production of pipe products for taps and fittings.

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In 1990 the founders Vincenzo and Ezio handed over the company's inheritance to their sons Pier Luigi and Roberto; they, strengthened by their parents' experience, animated by the same passion for work and seriously motivated to provide the family firm with a leading role in the industry, diversified production by introducing new items and by modernizing the entire production process.