That was in 1954 when the brothers Vincenzo and Ezio Giacoletti they began, Pella, for self-employed small, specializing in casting and machining of valves' s arrest and articles in the tube. The newcomers were from the start, a positive finding on the local market so as to require a broader based and tailored to the needs of production, steadily rising. We are in the seventies, technological development makes strides in each direction and, in the mechanical field, we are witnessing the introduction of ball valves, as well as the resulting drop in demand by customers for the valves to arrest its production, Giacoletti F.lli is oriented towards the realization of articles in tube fittings. He spent two decades as well, and in 1990, the founders handed over to his son Pier Luigi and Roberto's legacy of the company, they, strong experience of parents, animated by the same passion for work and seriously motivated to provide the family business a leading role among the many present in the territory Cusiano diversifying the production of copper tubes by introducing new products and sanitary ware. To date, the Giacoletti F.lli, although family, presents itself as a leading company in its field of production, specialized as aforesaid, in the manufacture of copper tubes and brass and implementation of sanitary articles, it has grown its turnover and, with products of unquestioned validity, is present in the Italian market and abroad. Located in the industrial area of San Maurizio d'Opaglio, a total area of 4,500 square meters. is located in a warehouse property, divided into different areas, each corresponding to different stages of processing, are in fact an area where you work the raw material and ensure its storage, an area for assembly and packaging of products, an shipping area, two offices, an area for parking and receiving goods. Although it is not our job to enter the substance, we say that the firm is to ensure a complete production cycle: from raw materials, copper and brass, through the steps of cutting, bending, stamping and welding parts which are obtained, polished and / or chromates depending on demand, are, along with the achievements by contractors, carefully controlled, assembled and packaged. With equipment of the latest design technology and highly skilled staff (in number of nine, including holders), the Giacoletti F.lli therefore achieved world class product, but does not pay for this, is committed to further improving their skills, so as to confirm the positions of prestige now conquered.

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